Wood Stair Installation

Wood Stair Installation

Are you planning on installing wood stairs in your home? Look no further than 1 Hardwood Floor.

“1 Hardwood Floor INC” aims to provide quick and easy wood stair installation services that will fit your need of a complete renovation of your staircase.

We provide you with few easy steps to renovating and installing wood stairs that can transform your worn-out staircase with the needed riser and treads that are new and are sure to fit your home style. If you wish for a new staircase, you can hire our company’s very own experts in providing you quality wood stair renovation and installation services.

We do not stop at the foot of your stairs for that is completely a waste not to extend the beauty of installed wooden floors in your staircase.

Our services include

  • Renovating and installing wood stairs
  • We can be sure to match the style of your home floor
  • We can also relocate your carpet and or be able to refinish the existing one as well
  • You can save costs with our risers.


Our company will be able to completely install and finish your staircase to be able to match your existing flooring whether worn-out or just with slight damage; you can be sure to count on us. We make sure to deliver one of the best work results for your various wood stair installation needs.

No matter how challenging the task is, we provide excellent results that are both beautiful and a sight to behold, making it our very top priority. We have a relatively large selection of hardwood you can choose from, and we encourage to visit our site for samples.

For your Inquiries and additional information, you need, give us a call at (917) 409-7443. Thank you and have a good day!

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