Installation With 1 Hardwood floor LLC

Why Should the Flooring Be Conditioned Prior to Installation?

The materials tend to contract or expand when the atmospheric condition changes. For the flooring to contract or expand with sub-floor, this should be conditioned to similar atmospheric condition.

Why Can’t Your Team Install Flooring Directly Over Coatings and Paints on the Subfloor?

The flooring’s bond into the subfloor is just good as what you actually bond to. In case you bond to old sealers, polish, paints or other foreign matters, you’re dependent upon that material’s bond to the sub-floor to hold flooring in place. Since we cannot figure out how strong that bond might be, it’s best to directly bond into the substrate.

How Many will Work on the Installation?  

The type and size of the job actually determines the number of men that will be assigned to the job. A typical installation job requires about two to three men to complete the work. Our men won’t leave your property unattended especially during workdays.

In case I am finally decided to hire you, how long will it take to Schedule a Job?

Installation jobs are usually scheduled within few days upon getting the go-ahead. However, there are instances that we handle same day or next day flooring installation and if the job is possible to carry out within that timeframe we accommodate such service requests from clients. There are also jobs that take few days to process so scheduling a job and completing it depends on several important factors.

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