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New Engineered Hardwood Floors

Even though natural hardwood floors have been around for quite a long time, modern engineered hardwood flooring has become a sought after option. The way new engineered flooring is produced offers it attributes that are not inherent in natural woods. If you have thought to add a new floor to your home, particularly in place of carpet, you have probably come across the word “engineered hardwood floors.”

What is Engineered Harwood Floors?

Engineered hardwood floorings are made from a mixture of nine-ply birch and natural hardwood. Engineered hardwood floors are more resistant to moisture compared to natural wood flooring that adds to their overall appeal as they can be installed in damp areas of the house and in basements with high humidity levels.

Installation Advantages

One of the big advantages of new engineered hardwood floors is that a floating install could be applied straight over a concrete slab or a vinyl or other existing materials, which is hard. Conventional finishing products are utilized on engineered hardwood floors; however, other finishes are accessible, which are more durable than the products found for site application. Quality manufacturers like us apply seven to ten coats of diamond dust or aluminum oxide crystals to make the new engineered hardwood finish a lot harder than anything, which could be applied on site.

Engineered hardwood flooring is finished along with durable coating, which will help your floors continue to feel and look stunning even after they have been used for several years. If they become worn, they could be refinished. Made from the most durable and efficient wood species, new engineered hardwood floors add durability, value, and richness to every home. Shop and compare among maple, mahogany and bamboo and other popular species and manufacturers with us.

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