Hardwood Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Looking for a hardwood floor refinishing? Or perhaps, trying to replace your inefficient specialist? Whatever the case maybe, there is no need to look further than Hardwood Floor Provider! Over the past few years of service, we are reputed for having an excellent support, a high-quality service, and immediate response time. Since then we are committed to provide a change or innovation you deserve in the first place.Learn More »

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwood is commonly used in any home or residence due to its durable and shiny appearance.  However, a good quality wood also faces some damages such as cracks or holes during the many years of uses.  Hence, Hardwood Floor Restoration is the best solution that uses the quality-based equipment and excellent restoration process that includes repairing, cleaning and maintenance.Learn More »

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Is your hardwood floor looks so dull? Are there any marks and spots where the hardwood floors had worn down? Does your kitchen floors have several blemishing water stains? Do your stairs making frequent annoying and creaking sound when you step on them?Learn More »

New Engineered Hardwood Floors

Even though natural hardwood floors have been around for quite a long time, modern engineered hardwood flooring has become a sought after option. The way new engineered flooring is produced offers it attributes that are not inherent in natural woods. If you have thought to add a new floor to your home, particularly in place of carpet, you have probably come across the word “engineered hardwood floors.”Learn More »

New Solid Hardwood Floors

Looking for new solid hardwood floors? You don’t have to look any further for we have it here. We bring you solid hardwood floors that is sure to bring elegance and style to your property.Learn More »

Unique Wood Inlays and Medallions

Looking for the best offer of Wood Inlays and Medallions will add to the elegance of your floorings. Wood inlays and medallions as the centerpiece in the floor give additional emphasis to the beauty of the house. Our goal is to provide the best product and services that will transform ordinary to extraordinary by proving the client’s wide selection of unique wood inlays and medallions. Our products made by the best architecture, carpenters, wood sculptures, and designer we take pride as the contributor in giving the best to our clients.Learn More »

Wood Mantel Installation

Want to turn your ordinary room into something elegant and stylish at the same time? Well, if that is what you want, then wood mantel installation is something that you should consider.Learn More »

Wood Stair Installation

1 Hardwood floor is aimed to provide quick and easy wood stair installation services that will fit your need of a complete renovation of your staircase. We provide you with a few easy steps that can automatically refresh your worn-out staircase with the needed riser and treads that are new and are sure to fit your home style. If you really wish for a new stair case you can hire our company’s very own experts in providing you quality wood stair renovation and installation services.Learn More »

Wood Stair Repair

Having a stair made of wood is elegant. It is can increase the aesthetic of your home but as time passes by, wood stair will begin to show damages and will have a creaking sound every time that you step on it. When your wood stair is showing damages, a Wood Stair Repair is what you need and Hardwood Floor Provider is the one you can trust.Learn More »

Wood Stair Refinishing

We at Hardwood Floor Provider offers a Wood Stair Refinishing service that includes the utilization of tools and equipment essential in working the refinishing process. Our services are accustomed to provide an improvement in every houses stairway and to create a long term wood services.Learn More »